Trombone Lessons and Low Bass Lessons at the New Jersey School of Music in Medford NJ with Mike Rilli

Michael Rilli is an accomplished trombonist in the Philadelphia region. He holds an undergraduate degree in Jazz Performance and a Masters in the Art of Teaching, both degrees from University of the Arts. During his time at college, Michael was able to develop not only as an educator and musician but also as a composer and arranger. He has been teaching brass lessons for ten years in addition to guitar and piano for the last five years. Michael is actively engaged in the Philadelphia music scene, working with different types of bands all over the city, playing and writing new material for them. Currently, he can be seen playing with Instant Funk, The Taylor Kelly Band, EBE L.A Starz, etc. Michael believes staying active as a teacher is important for the students to see and hopefully show them that is is possible to do so. Michael's pedagogy on brass is all about having a strong foundation on technique so that the students can start learning about jazz theory and improvisation because often as brass players, we neglect this side of music because of technical limitation. When he is teaching guitar and piano, he often takes this same approach to getting students to learn more than just notes on the page. He provides them a strong core of theory and songwriting so they navigate music independently eventually. In addition, Michael is certified to teach in the state of Pennsylvania

Mike teaches: Trombone Lessons, Britone Horn Lessons and French Horn Lessons

Lessons with Mike are available Monday and Thursday at the NJ School of Music in Medford.