We found the perfect music therapist for my child! We started more than a year ago and my daughter is always excited every time she goes to NJSM. We couldn't be more happier to see her grow and discover her music talents. Thank you!

Shey S

We love this school. My son started a couple of months ago when he was 8 with no experience. He just attended the spring NJ School of Music recital this past weekend and I'm so proud and impressed with everything! His performance brought tears to my eyes. He had such poise on stage and his instructor (Ildiko Rozs) has been absolutely amazing in getting him to that point in a few short months!

Mandy F

Excellent teachers! The owners and staff are caring and responsive. My son is eleven, and has been studying violin for a year and a half with NJSM. He truly enjoys his lessons with instructors who are encouraging, supportive, and invested in building a lifelong love of music. They realize this is a journey, and actively participate in his growth by offering insight and additional performance opportunities; the concerts are intimate and uplifting. Thank you NJSM for being more than we could have imagined.

Michele G

My son takes piano classes and it's his third year going to his fourth. His teacher, Alla Yutsis is a wonderful teacher in all aspects. We love her! We couldn't be happier with Alla and this great school!

Silvia M

Both my children are beautiful and gifted musicians thanks to the great teaching staff at NJ School of Music. Front desk staff is wonderful, pleasant and easy going. Teachers are great and caring. We have been taking lessons here for 9 years. Yeah Denise, Paul, Dave and Ildiko!

Joyce M

With no elementary instrumental music in Medford, private lessons were pursued through the New Jersey School of Music in Medford. We not only found a private teacher my son loves, but he was also able to join a small jazz ensemble that allowed him to get the experience of playing in a group atmosphere. The school has provided a venue to perform at local nursing homes for the residents, which provides a wonderful community service opportunity for the students as well as helping them gain confidence to perform in front of others. My son enjoys the weekly challenge from his teachers and looks forward to going to the school every week.

Jeanne H

My son started taking private lessons at NJSM about 2 years ago. The school was recommended to us by his school orchestra teacher. I didn't know what to expect, but I've been pleasantly surprised. My son loves his violin teacher. He has continued to make progress with her. She has also gotten him involved in a small group, which he totally enjoys. The school has always been fair in every way. They also provide many opportunities for students to perform in the community. I would readily recommend NJSM.

Anne M

The teachers are caring and very helpful. They truly are professional in the instruments they play or voice training. They take their time on teaching you. I'm a student at their Medford campus and learning the Flute. The teachers make music fun and exciting.

Irvin B

As home-schooling parents seeking the best in formal music instruction for our youngest daughter, we were recommended to the music school by other parents whose children had been or were currently students. The professional expertise of the instructor and the friendliness of the entire staff have aided in our daughter's musical growth and development. We look forward to many more years of happy music-making!

Mary E

My son studied piano at the NJ School of Music with Mr. Clarence for 4 years. What a wonderful musical experience he had! All employees are so professional. The school is conveniently located and there were never any problems parking. We really were glad to see that all students were encouraged to perform in the 2 yearly recitals. Many more opportunities were afforded to students who wanted to perform for nursing homes, senior living quarters, etc. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Ina C